The Letter Therapy

Remember that Kindness works wonders. The giving hand is more blessed than the hand that receives.

Headquartered in a symbol of the country’s rich past and thriving present, The Letter Therapy is bringing people closer through the lost art of traditional handwritten letters. We have witnessed countless possessions throughout history turning decayed into dust, but fragile pieces of paper have been protected and treasured for generations because Words are Worth reading and cherishing again and again.

Did you know mental health illness is a serious global concern?

According to a WHO report, an estimated 10-20% of adolescents globally experience serious mental health conditions. To quote statistics, about 7.5 % of Indians suffer from some mental disorders and WHO experts predict that roughly 20% of India will soon be a victim of mental illnesses. Therefore, at The Letter Therapy, we write ordinary letters of hope & healing to your loved ones with extraordinary love on your behalf to remind them they’re special & loved.

Request a Letter of ...


Where there is hope, there is life. Send a Letter of Hope to someone who needs it the most and ignite the imagination in them, give them wings to fly high.


Words of Love will convey what you may be too shy to say in person. No matter what the occasion, a Letter of Love will be a perfect fit for your love story.


Reflect on the special moments and relive the feelings you felt by writing a Letter of Gratitude to the one who made a difference in your life.


If you are seeking an apology, send them a handwritten letter and express that you really feel sorry about the event and make things right.


It is Birthday time! Stand out and give someone the joy of opening a handwritten letter on their special occasion and see their face glow!


Can't thing of what to give on an Anniversary? How about bundle of happiness through a handwritten letter on their special occasion.


In an age where technology has outgrown every means of communication, send a personalized handwritten letter to dear ones. Their reaction will be a no match! We promise!


Handwritten invitations are very appealing and give the receiver a very warm feeling. In the era of digital invitations, make them feel special by sending a handwritten invitation.

Dear Stranger

Sometimes something as simple as a kind letter can make someone’s day better and brighter. Send a ‘Dear Stranger’ letter to someone anonymously and spread joy through words.


Nothing better than sending handwritten Christmas wishes to your family and friends! Surprise them & let them know they're loved.

New Year

Choose the most unique way to welcome the New Year for family, colleagues, and special ones through handwritten New Year wishes!


It is officially the season to send lovely holiday greetings to your loved ones. Let handwritten letters make their holidays memorable.