Why Handwritten Letters

The times have changed, and so have we but why not bring back the old era in new times & express your feelings in an old-fashioned way in the era of instant Whatsapp Messages!

In the age of near-instant communication over Whatsapp & Emails, the deliberate pace of handwritten letters carry an unmatchable magic. Texts & Emails offer convenience at just a few taps and are instant ways of communication. Old-fashioned ways are hard and time-consuming. And how we spend our valuable time amid hectic routine is a language unto itself. A Handwritten Letter creates a much different and special set of feelings than a simple message/email.

The value of a handwritten letter lies within this language of time & utmost care for your loved ones. Writing to your dear ones, taking time out of your busy schedule to craft a letter, to buy a stamp, to select an eye-catching envelope, to travel to the Post Office - none of this is ignorant. A letter, before the words are read and feelings are expressed, carries an enigma and has already said, “You are someone special”, “I care for you”. And that is the message we all enjoy coming from someone.

We all crave for something tangible in the digitally transformed world. Letters are tangible. The crisp and crinkle sound of unfolding, the slight indentations where you pressed the paper, a little harder with the pen, and the smell of paper - all contribute to not just a message, but an experience with a myriad of emotions.

Chocolates, Flowers or a special arranged dinner on a date night are CHERISHABLE but are very much PERISHABLE. But your feelings penned on paper will always keep reminding your dear ones of your love.