About Us

With its headquarters, and one of the most beautiful Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal, co-existing in the same country, The Letter Therapy is rekindling the lost art of handwritten letters in the era of instant communication over smartphones and emails. The traditional art of Letter Writing may sound old-fashioned but it offers an experience that advanced technology cannot touch - a human touch.

From its inception to becoming a growing player in the market, The Letter Therapy has been sending love by sharing one's thoughts, immeasurable feelings, sincere sympathies, deepest gratitude and ardent love through handwritten letters. Either you are stuck at finding that perfect word or you are occupied with your hectic work life, We’ve got you covered.

Needless to say, mental health illness is a global problem. Change, like healing, takes time, practice, and words of kindness.

So why underestimate the power of touch, smile, and kind words?

With a major focus to help people struggling with mental health issues, We write ordinary Letters of Hope & Healing with extraordinary love.

Radiating 'Love' through 'Words' to make you feel a little more 'Connected' with your Loved ones

Vision - To heal lives with Letters of Hope

A WHO Report reveals that around 70 Million people of the 1 billion Indian population are affected with some form of mental health illness. Mental health is a major concern and just like any other illness, requires a patient approach. We believe words hold the power to heal and vision is to help you personify your mental illness, give it a name, break up with it and never look back.

Mission - To become a safe Home for people looking for Hope

People suffering with mental health issues are often considered a burden or even threat by society. In the world full of distress and disappointment, our mission is to become a safe Home for victims of mental illness looking for Hope. Hope is the last thing on Earth. We, at The Letter Therapy, take an oath to create a positive difference to the world of mentally disabled people for we firmly believe as long as there is Hope, there is Life.