Letters You Want

Letter of Hope

Do you know someone who is experiencing emotional or physical pain –the pain from having a broken heart, pain from having someone make them feel unworthy, or facing any mental health issue – anxiety, depression, hypertension..?

We think you owe them a letter. Letter of Hope

In a world where empathy and kindness are increasingly rare to find, send your loved ones a Letter of Hope where kind words have the power to heal and make them feel special.

Letter of Love

Whether you want to confess your love to someone special or reaffirm your love to your partner, WORDS do WONDERS.

Experience the gift of expressing your Love by sending your loved ones Letter Of Love

Love Letters are the perfect gift for someone you love. And specially handwritten love letters that can be held, re-read, and cherished.

Letter of Gratitude

From the air you breathe to the relationships you hold close, there is always something to be thankful for.

If physical distance keeps you from making a visit, send them a Letter of Gratitude

Writing a handwritten letter of gratitude is a great way to show appreciation for someone who made a difference in your life.

Letter of Invitation

From inviting your dear ones to a get-together after a long time or a birthday party, Marriage Anniversary celebration or a Business Launch Ceremony.. You’ve landed at the right destination.

Send them the perfectly-crafted Letter of Invitation and wait for them to join you soon!

No matter how often they cancel plans, the handwritten invitation will cheer them up and convince them to celebrate happy times together.

Letter of Apology

We all make mistakes; it’s a human tendency that prevents us from being perfect. But we can always APOLOGIZE and FIX our MISTAKES.

Express your feelings and tell them You’re Sorry – Send them a Letter of Apology

If you want to reconcile with your love or re-bond with that old friend you miss a lot, we believe a handwritten Letter would help you regain the trust of them.

Birthday / Anniversary Letter

Do you know a special handwritten letter on a special occasion can be treasured and cherished for years?

Make special occasion for your loved super memorable- Send them a Birthday/Anniversary Letter

Receiving a beautiful handwritten letter, rich in sentiment is much more personal than opening an email or a text. Give someone the joy of opening a handwritten letter sent by The Letter Therapy.

Dear Stranger

Have you ever experienced the joy of writing letters to complete strangers? A handwritten letter can make the world a better place, and we believe you have the power to change lives.

Make someone’s day better through a surprise handwritten letter – Dear Stranger

We all want to be seen and heard. We all want someone to recognize us. A handwritten letter does that.

Personalized Letter

In an age where advanced technology is taking up huge chunks of our lives, handwritten letters carry an old charm that will make your special one(s) feel super special.

Send Personalized Letters to the one you wish

We promise to write your heart, and we'll make sure that it's felt!