Refund Policy


The refund policy is applicable only when the payment towards a service is made in full and doesn’t apply to the partial payments. If a partial payment has been made, then a refund is not applicable and we reserve the rights to deny the service and consider the partial payment as a compensation towards the time and efforts invested to provide you with content, suggestions and options in regards to the service.

We would ship the requested service (content / letter / other written material) via the best available service in the delivery location and provide you with a tracking link but the delivery of the shipment is subject to the policies of the respective shipment company and all the claims should direct directly towards the shipment company, and no claims in any manner can be made from us.

We would retain the service (content / letter / other written material) in the form of a soft copy and under the condition where the shipment goes undelivered, at 50% payment of the originally discussed price for the exact same content and same receiver the service may be opted/availed from us, taxes and shipment costs wouldn’t be included in this cost. Upon the confirmation of the shipment being marked as delivered by the shipment company, the above mentioned availability of the same service for 50% payment of the originally discussed price becomes null and void and is no more applicable.


An order can be cancelled within 2 hours of making the payment. Post that the cancellation won’t be accepted and no refund will be entertained. For more information on refunds, please read the Refunds policy!